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So how does that work? The first time you log in to 1.1, we’ll show you a set of popular interests in Go. Just select as many (or few) that you find interesting. Don’t worry, you can always add or remove more later.  Your friends are doing the same. 

Add activities and interests to your own plans

Now when you create events or make plans, you’ll see the option to add activities to them. We’ve started with a thousand or so, but feel free to add your own. Our fingers got tired and who are we to say that’s all there is in the world. When you add activities, they’ll show up as part of your events in the feed and help your friends in deciding if they’re down. 

Customizing your feed

Behind the scenes, these activities are matched to the larger interest sets (the bubbles you tapped on during sign up), and our proprietary machine learning engine  is starting to kick in (we need to give it a clever name still—no one at Go liked ‘eMLy’). So if you selected happy hour as an interest during sign-up, and your friend tags an event for drinks—we’ll work hard to make sure that shows up higher in your feed.

Suggested events

The other benefit of adding your interests? As of this release, we have tastemakers and well-connected locals scouring the city to find cool things to do. If they find anything they think you’ll be interested in, that will show up in your feed too. So if you’re ever stumped on what to do, or your friends aren’t doing anything—our friendly ML might have pulled some events for you.

This is also why you now need to set the location where you’re using Go. Not so we can track your every move or anything like that—but so we can do a better job of customizing the events you see from your friends or things we find around the city. 


We’ve been saying since we launched that we think businesses are part of the community too. They make Auckland neighborhoods stand out just as much as you and your friends do. Behind every local business are a bunch of locals who want the city to thrive. So now you’ll start seeing businesses interested in better days together on Go.

What’s that mean? Nothing crazy. They’ll have profiles just like you, and you can follow them to see when they’re planning special nights (trivia, contests, tastings, trunk shows or whatever). If you follow them, those will show up in your feed for suggested activities for you and your friends. If they’ve got something really special, they can choose to promote it even if you don’t follow them—but here’s the thing: you’ll only see it if your interests (from way back in that first paragraph) overlap. Oh, and you can always choose to hide them too. No worries.

One other thing: and we just want to re-clarify this. Don’t feel weird about setting interests or tagging your activities. We aren’t selling your data. This is all just to make it easier for us to help tailor Go for you—so you can get offline more quickly and get back to what matters most: The real world, your friends, and a bit of hijinks.

Oh! We also put in a bunch of little fun app improvements too. I probably should mention that or I’ll upset the designers and engineers and product people and all that. Yep, the app looks better and does some new fun stuff. 


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