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GENESIS: How To Module

Add your interests

What brings you joy? Movies? Music? Making art? Seeing art? Being art? The great outdoors? The average indoors? You get it. You’re a unique combo of loves and we want to help you tap into that and other like-minded folks. During the set-up process, simply tap as many of these circles that you’re interested in, and we’ll do the rest.

GENESIS: How To Module

Add your friends

Friends turn Go into so much more! Share your phone contacts with Go so you can see who’s already awesome and who you’d like to invite to join in. Don’t worry, we won’t spam them or share their data. We’re not Facebook. (BURN) When you see events you like, you can easily share them, or even invite them from right inside the app.

GENESIS: How To Module

Explore your feed

It’s your feed, not ours. All those interests and friends you added above? Now’s where you’ll see them pay off. Swipe through events from the fabulous to the mundane—all tailored to you. Tap to learn more, and see who else is interested. Add your comments, share your photos, and see your invites to find the right vibes and help others find them too. The events you save or are interested in then show up in…

GENESIS: How To Module

See your plans

All those events you saved? Yep, this is where you can see them. You can change the date to remember past events, or even jump forward to see what you’re doing next week.

Here’s where you can set your availability so your friends can see when you’re free (or you them)—or free right now. Tap “I’ve Got Free Time and I’m Down” and we’ll ping your friends. We make it even easier to coordinate and get things going.

GENESIS: How To Module

Now, actually go!

This is the best bit – we’ll send a notification when the events you’ve saved are happening so you can actually go. Get off your phone. See those friends! Create that joy! And when the event is through, head on back to add photos and comments and celebrate the fun you’ve had and plan your next adventure.

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