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Ahhh… Sydney. Most places would be lucky to have one amazing beach, you have over a 100. You’re a foodie’s paradise. (Hitting up a Night Noodle Market is high on our bucket list.) Not to mention your designer and vintage shopping scenes. Plus, there’s the sailing, snorkeling, hiking, bushwalking and underground partying. It’s almost as if this city was made specifically for Go. 

(We looked into it and according to history and science… it was not.)

Still, Go’s social platform can take an incredible city like Sydney and show even the longest tenured Sydneysider new facets of their hometown. That’s because at our core, we make it easy to find fun things to do with new and old friends. 

Seriously, just a few minutes on Go, and you could plan an entire day of meet ups and random adventures with the people you love the most. Just ask our friends in Auckland. Since our launch in December 2020, more than 30,000 users have created over 1,700 events and counting! 

Whether you’re in the upper north shore, eastern suburbs or inner city, well-connected locals across Sydney are making plans and adding new events every day on Go. Even if it’s just grabbing a pint with a friend — we believe that everything is better when we do it together. 

So, say yes to seeing old friends. Say yes to making new connections. Say yes to doing something you love or have always wanted to try. Say yes to joining Go and discovering all the rad things we can do in Sydney together.     

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