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The next Dungeons & Dragons book from publisher Wizards of the Coast will offer additional rules for character creation. Titled Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, it includes several new subclasses, as well as additional class features and feats. It will also offer up optional new rules for dealing with the concept of race, which lead rules designer Jeremy Crawford calls one of the main pillars of character creation.

Today we’ll reveal exclusive new art from the book, and recap some of the changes coming when Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything is released on Nov. 17.

Tasha’s Cauldron comes at a difficult time for the company, which in early 2020 was called out for the racism in its collectible card game, Magic: The Gathering, which led to banning several cards. The company was also criticized for reinforcing harmful racial stereotypes in D&D. Small changes have already been made to certain products, including The Curse of Strahd, but Tasha’s Cauldron goes a step further by offering an entirely new way to implement race in the game.

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