genesis startline

Sean Conrad

Co-Founder & CEO

Building successful consumer products has been the focus of Sean’s software career since it began in 2002, forged by his roles in support and product management at Symantec (the Norton consumer brand) and CouchSurfing.

In 2012, Sean started exclusively focusing on mobile apps, and has been building them ever since. His most recent project was a mobile game called Evil Apples that has scaled from zero to 25 million downloads to-date. Sean carries forward a deep understanding of mobile best practices and gamification techniques that bring joy and simplicity to the users of Go.


Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

Prior to her work in technology, Jesse worked across the globe as an epidemiologist and technical referent for Doctors without Borders and The World Health Organization. She later went on to found Dharma Platform—which she then served as CEO. 

Jesse achieved international acclaim during this time, speaking at South by Southwest and receiving coverage in National Geographic, Scientific American, Tech Crunch, and Nature. Her background in entrepreneurship, data science, statistics, and epidemiology offers a rare breadth of experience and expertise, as well as exposure to both technology and academic circles.

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